Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Doldrums

Hello again. It has been a while since I have written anything. I wish it was because I was busy doing something important like curing world hunger, writing a novel, or cleaning my room. But I will be honest with you; the summer doldrums have hit hard.

Right now where I live it has been hot and sticky with rain. This leads any self-respecting college student to do the one thing that we do best: Sleep!

When I am not busy, I can usually be found lyin
g on my bed with a book in hand and a glass of ice tea on my night stand. But after a while I am overcome by a strong sense that if I just lie down for a while everything else will seem so much better. So I grab my pillow, turn on my music player to drown out the annoying, ever-present droning of the choir of cicadas outside and take a nap.

I must say it is nice to be able to sleep with such wild abandon.

Summer has never been my favorite season.
It is hot and sticky and there is only so much you can take off before people start to stare. I also feel like I am in some sort of awkward holding pattern until school starts up again. All my focus is gone and I am never quite sure what to do with my time. And have I mentioned that it is hot out?

There are some things I do like about it. Ice cream shops, being able to cross the river on the exposed rocks, swimming and camping, walking in the park, etc. But I would like it all so much better if the heat index were
n't so high.

Anyways. Here are some pictures that I took awhi
le ago.
The Locks.

Proof that cats and dogs can live peacefully.

I hope you enjoy the post and the pics. :) Let me know what you think but be kind if you criticize.

Friday, July 30, 2010

School Suplies

School days are swiftly approaching and in preparation for that glorious first day back, stores are lining isle after isle with pens, paper, notebooks, binders, folders, bookbags.....

Huh? Where was I?

Oh yes. School supplies! You see I love school supplies. I like new pens to write with and crisp, white paper to write on. I like organizing my classes into separate folders and then placing them gently into binders which I have then clearly labeled by day and class time.

Then in ever growing anticipation, I place my newly acquired supplies in my backpack! Oh what rapture it is to see my backpack full and waiting for me to take it to school. It is truly an exciting moment to walk into class at the start of a semester with bag full of fresh items.

I know it is a little strange to get this excited about school supplies but I never promised that I am normal. I like many normal things like fresh snow on clear winter day, reading Jane Austin with my dog curled politely at my feet, buying $75 shoes for $20. But for whatever reason I love the excited anticipatory feeling that I get when I buy school supplies.

However buying textbooks I could do with out!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review: Hidding Place by Corrie ten Boom

I have always loved to read. I am never very far from the book that I am reading; it is always within arms reach. Stories are a powerful thing because whether you intend to or not you always learn something from them. It may be a new life lesson or it may be an new fact that will dazzle your friends but you always learn something.

One of the best books that I have ever read is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. It is a marvelous tale about faith and survival. The novel is about the life of Corrie ten Boom and her family during the Nazi invasion of Holland. She and her sister Betsie, already in the middle of their lives, along with their elderly father hide Jewish refugees from the government.

I will try not to give the entire narrative away

The ten Boom's story is truly inspiring. They are extraordinary people who manage to keep their faith in Christ through-out some pretty horrific experiences. It is beautifully written and I felt very close to the family as I read.

I am usually not big on reading non-fiction stories. I read this at the suggestion of a friend and I was grateful that I did. Corrie ten Boom's words are truly inspired. The story reminded me that regardless of what is happening in my life God is always there and He will never forsake me.

The Hiding Place is a truly remarkable read. I give this book an A+ and a peaceful sigh as I think about the story again. There are so many wonderful lessons that can be gleaned from this book.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm a newby

I am new to this whole "blogging" thing. I really like to write, though, and tell stories. I created this account during my Educational Technologies class. I have never even pictured myself as a blogger. But the more I thought about it the more I became interested in it.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I hold two people responsible for this. First is my Aunt Mary who was probably the best storyteller that I have ever met. She was my mom's aunt and for as long as you could listen, she could tell stories. Aunt Mary had some of the coolest tales though. She was already close to 80 when I was born so she had lived through prohibition, the Great Depression, World War I and II and so much more. She was a member of the Republican Party and went to rallies and shook the hands of quite a few presidents. Some of the best memories I have are of going to her house, getting a Kit-Kat from her Kit-Kat drawer and listening to her stories of life as a kid, a housewife, and family. I think that Aunt Mary is one of the reasons I love writing so much. Her stories connected me to a past that was rich with history, humor, and faith.

The next person to influence this love I have is my mom. A few years ago I was searching for something funny to read. My mom suggested that I read some Erma Bombeck. So I did and from the moment I read the first page I was absolutely hooked! Erma's motherly wit and crafty wisdom was inspiring. At Wit's End (her column for many years) is hysterical. And since then I have nurtured this little dream of one day being a columnist like that. I love how she can take life's mundane little quirks and turn them into grand humorous moments.

I have no real idea what this blog is going to be like, honestly. Readers, if I get any, will be as surprised as I am. I am a college student and I didn't take any classes this summer and quite frankly I am bored. I am a dreamer too and I pray that maybe this is will turn into something. (Dream big, right?) If nothing else it will be cathartic to write.

I do know one thing for sure though: it will be about life. Because for me, even when life gets tough, there is always faith in God to keep you strong, family and friends to keep you sane
, and a moment where you just have to laugh.