Friday, July 30, 2010

School Suplies

School days are swiftly approaching and in preparation for that glorious first day back, stores are lining isle after isle with pens, paper, notebooks, binders, folders, bookbags.....

Huh? Where was I?

Oh yes. School supplies! You see I love school supplies. I like new pens to write with and crisp, white paper to write on. I like organizing my classes into separate folders and then placing them gently into binders which I have then clearly labeled by day and class time.

Then in ever growing anticipation, I place my newly acquired supplies in my backpack! Oh what rapture it is to see my backpack full and waiting for me to take it to school. It is truly an exciting moment to walk into class at the start of a semester with bag full of fresh items.

I know it is a little strange to get this excited about school supplies but I never promised that I am normal. I like many normal things like fresh snow on clear winter day, reading Jane Austin with my dog curled politely at my feet, buying $75 shoes for $20. But for whatever reason I love the excited anticipatory feeling that I get when I buy school supplies.

However buying textbooks I could do with out!

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